Joey Altman

Chef, Consultant, Spokesperson & Educator

In 2008 my cookbook "Without Reservations" was published. It was inspired by my experience hosting my cooking TV show "Bay Cafe"  where I, as well as guest chefs, would show viewers how to prepare a wide variety of recipes.  I learned that the most requested recipes from viewers were the ones that looked great but appeared to be simple to prepare.  So I put together a collection of my favorite restaurant worthy recipes and distilled them down making it possible for people to make them in their own kitchen without the need to spend hours in the kitchen or $$$ at the store.  I call them "Delicious & Doable!".

It even has great how-to photos!

I show you how easy it is to make beautiful handmade fresh pasta

I include some really cool techniques like this clever way to serve  Crab and Avocado Salad

This is my twist on the classic Späetzle

I show how to take chicken from boring to amazing!

I 'm not a avid pastry chef but I developed some great, fool-proof recipes that are total crowd pleasers!